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Milk Scholarship for Seniors

Financial Aid Information
Alabama Student Loan Program

Financial Aid Information

College Gold
A step-by-step guide to paying for college


Federal Financial Aid



Military/Veterans Benefits





Homework Helpers
Alabama's FREE Live Online Help Service
FREE TUTORING: Math--Science--Social Studies--English for grades 4-12 and College Intro!!! This service offers free homework help from subject specialist. It is available Sunday - Thursday, 3:00pm until 10:00pm.

Scholarship Search

AXA Achievement
This scholarship is for students who are active in the our community, have led a progect to benefit others, have overcome personal chaallenges.

First Freedom Organization

The First Freedom Student Competition is a national essay and video contest that offers 9th - 12th grade students an opportunity to compete for $2,500 awards as they examine the First Amendment and the history and implementation of religious freedom and freedom of conscience in American democracy and the world today.

High School Scholarships

You can find, on this page, several scholarship and financial aid resources for high school freshman, sophmores,juniors and seniors. This page gathers together alot of scholarships that are relevant for high school students.

Sallie Mae
Our website has extensive information on student
loans, scholarships, and saving for college that can be beneficial to your
users before, during, and after college.  Examples of our unique and
informative content include:
           -free scholarship search, with over 2.9 million scholarships
           -education investment planner, compare school costs and
repayment options

Jimmy Rane Foundation

You may be eligible to be considered as a Jimmy Rane Foudation Scholarship recipient if you:

...are enrolled as a full time HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR or full time COLLEG FRESHMAN or SOPHOMORE (no older than 20 years of age)

... have a minumum GPA of 3.0 for graduation high school seniors or 2.75 for college aplicants

Fast Web

Power Force, LLC

My name is Guy Savage, CEO of Power Force, LLC.  We are an athletic apparel company and we believe all success begins with mental focus and self-discipline. We can think of no better way to assert our values of community, inner-strength and goal achievement than to reward students in our home state for their academic excellence. I write to ask for your assistance in rewarding your school's academic achievers by announcing this unique opportunity to your students.
Power Force will give away a pair of shoes (1 pair per high school in the state) and one $1,500 scholarship to a high-school student who has a 3.0 GPA or above for the 2011 fall semester. Any high school student who is eligible can enter the drawing by simply liking Power Force Apparel on Facebook. Each school will have one winner drawn for a pair of shoes. The lucky winner of the scholarship will be drawn from all entries by an independent third party.
Entry/Award Details: Register at Power Force's Facebook site by clicking the "contest" icon, which will be available from Dec. 2nd- 31st. Students will be asked for their name and school. Before being awarded, the students will be verified as 1) being enrolled at the school they stated and 2) possessing the required GPA. The shoe recipients and one scholarship recipient will be drawn on Jan. 6 and announced shortly thereafter. Please include this information in any announcements possible throughout the contest and feel free to forward this information to faculty and parents.
Allow me to tell you a bit about myself and my company. After several years running my own equity investment business, I was able to fund my dream-company, Power Force. As a former student-athlete and a lifetime fitness enthusiast, I have always wanted to bring my own perspective to an athletic apparel line. My brand, Power Force became known as the preferred supplier of collegiate sports-bands. These ion-infused bracelets are meant to allow the wearer to show team spirit and feel more in touch with self-determination. I have recently been able to expand our company with the launch of Power Force Apparel to include athletic apparel, running and cross-training shoes.  Our message is deeper than sheer athleticism as a means to success. Academic success is evidence of a much more valuable inner force. We believe all success begins in the mind.
The link to the facebook page is!/mypowerforce.  For more information, please visit our website at or You may also contact Tony Grillo (Sales Manager) via email at or via phone at 205-981-6516.
Guy Savage,
CEO, Power Force Apparel LLC


Some of the many benefits of the YoungArts program include:
•   Exclusive U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts nominations
•   Master classes with world-renowned artists
•   Access to scholarships, career opportunities and professional contacts
•   $500,000 in total monetary awards and more than $100 million facilitated in
    college scholarships
•   An alumni network of 16,000+ talented artistic professionals, including
    recording artist Nicki Minaj, choreographer Desmond Richardson and
    X Factor finalist Marcus Canty

Burger King

Application period begins Nov. 15, 2012 and ends Jan 10, 2013 Do/ScholarsProgram

American Legion

American Legion

Need a Lift? Get Money for College

Alabama Masonic Lodge Scholarship (State Level)

Masonic Lodge Scholarship (State Level) Deadline: Feb 8, 2013 Must be turned into the Guidance Office by the end of school.

College Counts Alabama


Applicants must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible for this scholarship:

  • Be a high school senior or first-time college freshman beginning in fall 2013
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be an Alabama resident
  • Be enrolled or planning to enroll in an Alabama eligible educational institution
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.75
  • Have an ACT score of 26 or below
    (applicants attending a two-year school will not be required to submit ACT scores)

Deadline: March 7th

Sussle Scholarship

Smith Scholarship Foundation

The Smith Scholarship Foundation is a private operating Foundation established by Mignon C. Smith.  Miss Smith, who never had children of her own, wanted to give students who had helped others in their community, or their families, a chance to receive a college education.  Since its inception in 2005, The Smith Foundation has awarded over 100 full scholarships to Alabama high school seniors. Our Foundation is the largest private scholarship provider awarding scholarships in the State of Alabama.


The Smith Foundation Scholarships are designed to help young Alabamians obtain a higher education and fulfill their personal goals to become leaders and give back to their communities.  Applications will be accepted from August 15, 2013 to January 15, 2014 for funding in fall 2014.


This is a “Last Dollar Scholarship” providing up to $15,000 per year, renewable for four years to a qualified Alabama institution of higher learning, after all other financial aid is applied.  The Smith Scholarship provides funding for tuition, room/board, books, study abroad opportunities, dorm pack, business attire, mentors available 24/7, emergency assistance and professional advancement seminars while requiring a high degree of accountability and continued self-assessment from its recipients.


The qualifications are simple:  1) must be a graduating Alabama high school senior; 2) must have a minimum of a C+ grade point average; 3) planning to attend an approved 4-year public college in the State of Alabama – Nursing majors may attend an accredited two year institution; and 4) significant contribution to family or community.  There is no ACT minimum, however, the applicant must have taken the ACT or do so before an award can be made.


I encourage you to help us find deserving students who have exhibited a dedication and sense of integrity through their volunteer, community service work or assistance to their family.  We are seeking those students who have struggled against the odds whether it is financial, home life or disabilities and proven they are willing to help those around them. 

All of your qualified seniors are invited to apply.  We have had many students and parents tell us that our information has not been provided to them because they were not in the top ten percent of their class.  This is the scholarship for those students who have potential, but may not qualify for traditional test and grade based scholarships.  We want to reach those students who would not otherwise be able to attend college. 


Approximately 15 new scholarships will be awarded in April.  The deadline for Applications is January 15, 2014.

College Scholarships

List of Scholarships

College Info
UA Early College

So, what is UA Early College?

  • It's college credit from a premier university - starting right now, while you're still in high school
  • It's wherever you want it to be -
    • online, anytime, anywhere, and/or
    • Summer On Campus
  • It's college credit that goes where you go - transfers broadly
  • It's special UA benefits when you complete 17+ credit hours (5 or more classes after Gateway):
    • Admission to UA without an ACT/SAT score
    • Priority housing assignment
  • It's designed to build your confidence for college
  • It's having your own UA Peer Coach to show you the ropes

Apply now  to complete UAEC 200 Gateway this fall--then be eligible for spring and summer courses online, or Summer On Campus.

ACT Prep Website
ACT Prep Website

ACT Prep Website

ACT Prep Website

Free online prep for ACT. Get your username and password in the guidance office

Leadership Programs
Auburn Summer Camps 2013

A complete listing of programs and their webpages can be seen at:

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